Modern British Art and member of LAPADA and CINOA gallery uk
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For over thirty years Jeffrey Seymour Cohen has been a noted collector and dealer in Modern Art and member of LAPADA and CINOA.

Through THE GALLERY, many clients, now friends, have built their collections. Whether a new or established collector we hope you will find something here that captures your imagination.

To new collectors we would offer the advice that buying artwork as pure investment will usually lead to disappointment. Buy paintings that excite your senses that you want to live with, those are the real investments.


Any picture can be viewed at our secure warehouse by appointment.

Remember, digital images give no clue as to the size of the picture, what may appear large can be quite small and vice versa, also portrait shape images often appear smaller or narrower than landscape shapes, this is due to the need for uniformity of height on a web site.


We have never liked the practice common among many galleries of putting ‘Price on Application’ or of having a ‘Price Band’ within which the picture falls.

All of our stock is clearly priced in UK £ (sterling) but we are happy to quote in US $ (dollars) or € (euros).


We can quote for insured door to door delivery world wide.


Please let us know if you are looking for a particular artist’s work as we have access to many private collections that prefer not to sell at auction.

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