Bryan SENIOR, (B.1935) Contemporary
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Bryan SENIOR, (B.1935)

Reflected Corner, Hampstead


Oil on Canvas
20 x20in (51x51cm)
Crane Kalman, London 1966

About the Artist

Bryan SENIOR (B.1935)

Artist in oil and acrylic, born in Bolton, Lancashire. He studied at Clifton College, Cambridge University and Chelsea School of Art.

Lived in London from 1957. In that year he won Clare Prize, Cambridge; other awards included Greater London Council Spirit of London, 1981, and Druce-Constable, 1986. Senior’s work covered figures, streets, landscape and still life.

He had a wide range of solo shows, including Crane Kalman and Fieldborne Galleries, Architectural Association, Richard Demarco GaIlery in Edinburgh, Ashgate Gallery in Farnham and abroad, including Ireland, Italy and America. CASW, Nuffield Foundation, Financial Times, Hampstead Museum and Bolton Museum and Art Gallery hold examples. Lived in Tunbridge WeIls, Kent.



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